... experience [fleXive]!

Welcome to the [fleXive] demo server!

This is the place to get some first impressions of [fleXive] by playing around with the live demos.
The first available demo corresponds to one of our tutorials which is featured in this ONJava.com article.
In time we will add additional applications as we create more tutorials and example applications. The backend application is currently disabled in this demo. This will be changed in the near future.

The actual demos may be unavailable every few hours for a few short period of time to allow for a restart of the virtual machines hosting them.

Products Demo
This demo showcases a small application that manages products and their manufacturers.
Data input is done in the [fleXive] backend application, the custom front-end is written in JSF.
The application is featured in this article at ONJava.com.
The source code for the demo application can be downloaded here.

Products Demo

Let's get started!  Let's get started!